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April Fool's Day (beginning of it)

dfff sofidsf df dfd So....just thought I'd post some funny arpril fools jokes/pranks etc.. haha!

Puzzle Toilet Paper

This is the worst prank to pull off on any friend or guest that might come to your house. Puzzle Toilet Paper would make him or her tear their hair in despair while the sweat dries off of their backs, trying to solve the puzzle. Only when they solve it will they be given reprieve and some tissue paper to wipe their foreheads and something else.

Sunday Food Galore [1]

Sunday Cooking: [Toriyaki Chicken] & [Beef and Broccoli Noodles]

So basically.... I am trying something new, where every Sunday I cook something new and take pictures of it since I now want to learn more on how to cook and etc.. (hehehehe!) I mean.. don't get me is always fun cooking and especially if its made by you and you get to taste what you've made afterwards which is the exciting part I believe!

It was a good Sunday morning and around 5pm I then prepare myself to cook this 2 dishes that I want to try and eat for myself.

First off-- I started to take out 6 pieces of chicken breasts for my Toriyaki Chicken, I then sliced them into butterfly pieces so that they'll lay flat and will be easy to cut, once that's finished I cut them into slices like a rectangle cubes and place them inside a ziploc with flour inside, I mix them all in there so that they are coated properly and dipped them into a hot pan of oil, I wait for them to rise/float and that's when you can tell that the chicken is all set and ready etc.. For the sauce-- I prepared it with sesame oil, mirin (rice vinegar) , sugar, ginger, and water... I then mixed that until the sugar is melted.. After all that, I mixed the sauce to my chicken and let it cook for about 10minutes or so until the sauce is all gooey-ish. Voila! Toriyaki CHicken! ^_^

Second-- For my Beef and Broccoli Noodles..I start off by blanching the noodles with warm water then drain that, and once that's finished, I put the broccoli, carrots, baby bok choy in warm water so that its a little bit heated.. Once that is all done, I then put some garlic and oil in a pan, then put the noodles and mix that a little bit, afterwards I put all the vegetables and mix them altogether until they are cooked. For the sauce-- I mixed some Oyster sauce and Kikkoman soysauce. Voila!!

I had a yummy dinner~ and proud of myself for learning and cooking this dishes.
Thanks to my Mom
ofcourse for providing me this wonderful recipes of hers!

Well, that is all for today I guess! Hope you enjoyed reading haha..

Also...If I have the time, I will update this and post up the recipe. :)

Hanna Ang

Heidi Montag: Gone too far--

Quote by "Amagoi"
Wow, I'm so sad about this now...I only saw a bit of that interview and only caught the picture they put of her from "before" as an example of why people would call her chin a "Jay Leno chin" (it wasn't a bad photo, but it wasn't entirely flattering or natural looking), and other than that I have never seen Heidi before plastic surgery (I have never watched The Hills or anything and don't keep up with her). But from the pictures you posted I could see that she was such a beautiful girl with a down-to-earth look.

Now she looks like an ugly plastic doll. sad.gif I hate when people do this to themselves. It's like they killed the person behind the other face and replaced it with a stranger."

Yea I totally agree with you on this! It's so sad and depressing how she can be so beautiful and so fresh-looking way back then ever since I've been watching her on "The Hills" past-episodes.. I keep asking to myself -- Why would she wanna ruin her face? Is it because of media? .... what she quoted .... "Well I am not them, therefore I am living in a different world where image is everything and how you look.." I just think its very sad how she portrays herself now, and to those girls who idolizes her. What then is she trying to send those girls? (That plastic surgery is OK for a YOUNG age??) I mean... at the age of 23??? C'mon.... that is too young I believe...

You should always love for what God gave you. And be happy for what he has given you in the first place. Learn to love yourself and not be intimidated by the world around you; (Materialistic stuff won't last....)

I seriously think that she's gone overboard this time. 10 surgeries in 1 day????? WOW!!!!
I must say---- that to me is just.... World record maybe? LOL rolleyes.gif


Korean Institute Fireside

Korean Fireside Institute @ UofU

I had so much fun today on sabbath day and for which--
there was an event later tonight around 7pm up @ the
University of Utah (Institute Bldg.)

It was perhaps a Korean Ward event and the presiding speaker was:

Me and my Raiden Boy (Jason) went together, and its so funny,
because its towards the last minute when I invited him to come along with me.
He then said YES! YAY!!! He is awesome. ^_^

Then once that was done we ended up going home and it began to snow!
(super cold)

All in went well and I had fun!

Hanna Ang

dog lovers

dog lovers !!!!!!!

super cute that I just had to post them up and blog about it. :)

hanna ang

Orianthi - " According To You " Official video PV And LYRICS HD

love this music!

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