Heidi Montag: Gone too far--

Quote by "Amagoi"
Wow, I'm so sad about this now...I only saw a bit of that interview and only caught the picture they put of her from "before" as an example of why people would call her chin a "Jay Leno chin" (it wasn't a bad photo, but it wasn't entirely flattering or natural looking), and other than that I have never seen Heidi before plastic surgery (I have never watched The Hills or anything and don't keep up with her). But from the pictures you posted I could see that she was such a beautiful girl with a down-to-earth look.

Now she looks like an ugly plastic doll. sad.gif I hate when people do this to themselves. It's like they killed the person behind the other face and replaced it with a stranger."

Yea I totally agree with you on this! It's so sad and depressing how she can be so beautiful and so fresh-looking way back then ever since I've been watching her on "The Hills" past-episodes.. I keep asking to myself -- Why would she wanna ruin her face? Is it because of media? .... what she quoted .... "Well I am not them, therefore I am living in a different world where image is everything and how you look.." I just think its very sad how she portrays herself now, and to those girls who idolizes her. What then is she trying to send those girls? (That plastic surgery is OK for a YOUNG age??) I mean... at the age of 23??? C'mon.... that is too young I believe...

You should always love for what God gave you. And be happy for what he has given you in the first place. Learn to love yourself and not be intimidated by the world around you; (Materialistic stuff won't last....)

I seriously think that she's gone overboard this time. 10 surgeries in 1 day????? WOW!!!!
I must say---- that to me is just.... World record maybe? LOL rolleyes.gif

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