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Sunday Food Galore [1]

Sunday Cooking: [Toriyaki Chicken] & [Beef and Broccoli Noodles]

So basically.... I am trying something new, where every Sunday I cook something new and take pictures of it since I now want to learn more on how to cook and etc.. (hehehehe!) I mean.. don't get me is always fun cooking and especially if its made by you and you get to taste what you've made afterwards which is the exciting part I believe!

It was a good Sunday morning and around 5pm I then prepare myself to cook this 2 dishes that I want to try and eat for myself.

First off-- I started to take out 6 pieces of chicken breasts for my Toriyaki Chicken, I then sliced them into butterfly pieces so that they'll lay flat and will be easy to cut, once that's finished I cut them into slices like a rectangle cubes and place them inside a ziploc with flour inside, I mix them all in there so that they are coated properly and dipped them into a hot pan of oil, I wait for them to rise/float and that's when you can tell that the chicken is all set and ready etc.. For the sauce-- I prepared it with sesame oil, mirin (rice vinegar) , sugar, ginger, and water... I then mixed that until the sugar is melted.. After all that, I mixed the sauce to my chicken and let it cook for about 10minutes or so until the sauce is all gooey-ish. Voila! Toriyaki CHicken! ^_^

Second-- For my Beef and Broccoli Noodles..I start off by blanching the noodles with warm water then drain that, and once that's finished, I put the broccoli, carrots, baby bok choy in warm water so that its a little bit heated.. Once that is all done, I then put some garlic and oil in a pan, then put the noodles and mix that a little bit, afterwards I put all the vegetables and mix them altogether until they are cooked. For the sauce-- I mixed some Oyster sauce and Kikkoman soysauce. Voila!!

I had a yummy dinner~ and proud of myself for learning and cooking this dishes.
Thanks to my Mom
ofcourse for providing me this wonderful recipes of hers!

Well, that is all for today I guess! Hope you enjoyed reading haha..

Also...If I have the time, I will update this and post up the recipe. :)

Hanna Ang

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